I was perched on my front porch this morning, when I happened to think that I was “enthroned” on that white wicker chair. All of a sudden, my spine got straighter, my attitude changed, and I felt like I was a queen surveying her subjects. It was a wonderful feeling. I think you should try it!
As you imagine your queenliness, you will notice your mood change. I definitely felt more grateful and lady-like.
Why don’t we treat ourselves like the regal beings we were meant to be? Self-love and self-respect start right here, with number one (and that is a capital One!).
Think about how you can do something for yourself today. It doesn’t need to cost anything; just give yourself a few minutes to have that cup of tea and relax. Or give yourself a manicure (or treat yourself to one), pedicure, bubble bathe, whatever! Just do it.
Love yourself and you will have more love to spread around!




We are off to the mountains of western North Carolina, today! I will be breathing some fresh, cool air, and listening to the birds sing. A little quiet is a rare thing for me. If I can find it! This is the only way to refresh and realign my spirit. Writing usually follows this.
Take a moment for yourself to breathe deep and to clear your mind of the congestion of modern life. May you have a wonderful day! May your spirits soar!


It’s Friday! Let’s Celebrate the Women We Are!

Did you have a good week? Are you ready for the weekend?
I know I am! Women work so hard and are sometimes so unappreciated. I wanted to make your day, today. So enjoy the poem and remember to take some time to pat your self on the back!

Women carry a heavy
Most of us balance
Outside employment and
Home (more work!)
Maybe child-rearing completes
The load, all done at the expense of
We juggle our universe while
Multi-talking, cooking
Car-pooling, shopping
Laundering, errand running
Homework instructing
House cleaning, gardening
Etcetera, etcetera
And get this:
Society dictates that
We maintain our savvy and our good looks
During these amazing feats
(We usually pull this off!)
And, amazingly enough
We are still expected to have
Sex, be sexy, and stay awake
Even though we function
On a daily basis
As CEO’s and their staff
We still can’t have
A woman President yet
Go Figure!

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a wonderful time to acknowledge our mothers, our surrogate mothers, mentors, and the mother within us all! Today we should celebrate women and their role in keeping mankind alive. I really believe that is something that we are hard-wired to do–protect the species! So far we have done it, although it gets harder all of the time.

I want to pay my respects to my wonderful mother. She loved us and tried to do the right thing by us. We did not have much; but, we always had clothing, food, shelter, and love.

My mother is and always has been beautiful to me. She has a generous nature and a fun-loving side that sometimes gets a little silly–(I definitely fall into that category also!).

On this day and every day, I wish for happiness for my mom. May she continue to see beauty in nature, and love in others.

Here is a poem for women to honor all of us today. It will be featured in my next book, which is called Waiting for the Rest of your Life.


In decades past and present

It has been made known to women

That it is a man’s world

Men still rule in some dark areas

Of the world, often by force

The victims of violence

Are most often women and children

Statistics document this truth

Fear can be a powerful weapon

But it is a weapon of cowardice

Women are amazing beings

Inch by inch we have made progress

We have been fighting battles with

Our bodies and with our intellect

Women will not give up, or give in

We have come too far for that

Together, all women weave the

Fabric that supports all of mankind

Come share the power

Of sisterhood, of womenhood

Reach out to others and

Hold them up, so they will not fall

There is strength in our numbers

And we will carry on cum forte

Bless us every one!


Good Day to All!

What does that phrase mean to you? Obviously, it is a wish for the good will of others, that they may have a pleasant day. But, do we put any effort into that ourselves?

We probably do not expend much time designing a amenable day or give a thought to doing that. Consider the possibility that this design is possible.

Spend a few minutes before bedtime to lay out a tentative plan for the next day. Organize what you will need to do, including what you will be wearing, and pack a lunch or some snacks.

Leave yourself a little buffer time during the day to stretch, meditate, or call a friend. Say something unexpectedly nice to others, and for yourself.

If we give ourselves time to be in the “now” and not obsess about what is going to happen, we can reduce stress. Here are five principles for appreciating your life from inspirational speaker, Mike Robbins:

1) Be grateful–focus on your blessings

2) Choose positive thoughts and feelings

3) Use positive words

4) Acknowledge others

5) Appreciate yourself***(we really need to do this!)

Take some baby steps towards enjoying your life!

Here is another poem from my book, Water Running Downhill!


Meditate on this
If you do not make an effort
To live in the moment
You will not truly

To always plan
For “Tomorrow Land”
Ignoring the boring minutia
You will never exist
In today

To chase after
What may be
One loses
The ability
To be

Go get-um ladies! Remember, women rule!