A Touch of Kindness

These days, as I am chatting with my patients and friends, the conversation always turns to the economy. But, we always agree that we have nothing to complain about, as we view other’s situations in this wide world–we are really blessed!

Today, as I picked teeth and talked my patient’s ear off a little, the conversation again turned to counting our blessings. When we compare our experiences to other’s lives, we always seem to be amazed at how lucky we have been with our own.

Over twenty years ago, a friend of mine who had recently married became an instant parent of her younger brothers. Her parents were traveling to Gulf Shores, engaging in an exercise they called “switching drivers while driving”. My friend’s 18 year old brother had been in training for this practice, and lost control of the car, killing himself, his parents, and the family cat. The two brothers and a friend had been in the back of the van survived.

Sometime after that, I was visiting this friend in her home in Ocala. On her refrigerator was a quote that said: “Be kind. Remember that everyone is fighting a battle”.

This quote said so much. Here my friend had her life turned upside down, but, took it in stride. At least it appeared that she had–she put up a brave front.

I would like to remind all of us that we need to be kind to others. One never knows what is really happening behind the scenes of another’s life. Indeed, we may need that kindness repaid one day!

Pass it on!

Ciao y’all


Growing Up and Moving Forward

It occurs to me that growing up is an ongoing process. Just physically becoming an adult does not achieve this. Growth happens in stages, often precipitated by a stressful event, such as a divorce, or even the death of a loved one.

These passages bring us to different levels of growth. They teach us to deal with life’s stressors, both major and minor, and to move forward.

Throughout much of our lives, friends, or mother and father figures (who need not necessarily be our true parents), help us to get through these trying times. For myself, this has been mainly my peer group of staunch supporters–yes, you guessed it–women!

We are blessed with the caring hearts of womankind, who are hard-wired for this sort of thing. Compassion is a wonderful thing. May we all nurture kindness, and share an abundance of this. Pass it on!

Let us honor Glenda Beall’s husband Barry. May he dance in heaven, and tell Glenda about it!

This is a poem from an unpublished anthology of mine. I think it is appropriate for Barry.


Give me you hand
Let us traverse this land

Give me your head
Upon a pillow, in our bed

Give me your love
Custom fitted, like a glove

Give me your body
For pleasure, almost godly

Give me your heart
‘Til death, when we must part

Then give me your tears
For memories held dear

And let furl your soul
From mine- no longer whole

The Sisterhood of Womenkind

Here in the middle of my life, I am taking inroads discover who I am, where I am going, and who I want to be when I grow up. I had spent so much of my adult life working for a living, and making a home for family, that I had neglected my spirit. I just kept going and doing like a mad women, until I approached the age of 50. “I’ll take time to be creative when I’m not as busy”, I told myself.

Suddenly I became aware that this promised time was drifting out of my reach. It was up to me to just stand still and take stock. I began to realize that I needed to make the time, now. The house might not get cleaned as often, and short cuts would rule for dinner (most of the time); it was time for me to meet some other needs.

I thank my friends, and the many kind ears of my dental hygiene patients over the years. All of them listened and encouraged me. I came to a realization that women truly are a sisterhood. We relate to common experiences, and share our wisdom.

Women are built tough. We have to be, we are the steel hand in the velvet glove. We ensure the survival of the species, or at least we have until now.

Here is a poem that speaks to all women.


One Tribe

Have you felt

With passing years

A more pressing need

To connect with other women

To share observations

And Laughter

To offer advice

Or garner wisdom?

Do you feel drawn

As if by a magnetic force

To be with your own kind?

For these women are a tribe

Your tribe

No one else will ever

Understand your struggle

As they will

Women are our people

When we come together

We feel a oneness

A sisterhood united

When we come together

We are at home

The Macaroni and Cheese Debate

My husband, Rob, and I have a running debate about a variety of topics. These typically involve food, how to do something, or grammar. One of my favorite debates is the Macaroni and Cheese one.
Let me ask you, is macaroni and cheese a main dish or a side dish? I asked several dental patients this question some time ago. They were split on the subject; although, the majority said: “main dish”.
Apparently the use of the dish would vary due to your family’s eating habits and possibly where you grew up. As Rob is from “the south”, he was raised on fried fish, okra, and a whole lot of beans and rice. My Yankee roots had the dish as a main one. It could always be improved on with chunks of ham–umm!
To me, mac and cheese is pure comfort food. Thick, rich cheese sauce covering pasta, filling the void in my stomach, that is luxury on a budget! You can trim off the fatty with skim milk and 2% cheese and top with Parmesan. You can hardly tell the difference. Well, not much.
Stay tuned for the venetian blind debate to be aired in the future. I welcome your comments!

By y’all!


Has anyone seen my brain?

It has been a fuzzy couple of weeks. I haven’t been sleeping my best due to excitement from having company, etc., and menopause. I’m sure you know what I am talking about, dear readers!
Anyway, I have gone back to sleeping with an ice pack to get the head cooled off. It really does help! I have gone the herbal route in the past, and it may help. I guess I have to get off the soy supplement and the black cohosh and see.
Last night I slept better, so I think I am settling down, finally! It helps not to have the caffeine in the PM–I really do know better! I’m sure that I would be diagnosed with AADD (adult attention deficit disorder). But, I have been this way since I was a tadpole. If I cut out the sugar and the caffeine, and don’t eat processed food (I usually do not), I am good.
I am enjoying the summer by hiding out in the air conditioning as much as possible. This works pretty well, and I brave the outdoors by running back and forth in my air conditioned car.
Everybody have a delightful week and remember to pass on a smile. There is always someone in need of a bit of cheer.


Hello Friends!

I have returned to my computer, hooray! It is tough just having dial-up on “vacation”. With the 4th of July library closings, and the budget cuts I did not get to the write, or check email. Today I was back at my day job, and things should start to return to “normal”. Between working, taking two trips to NC within two months, and having company–whew; I had lost the “go”! button.
So, we left the more temperate climate of Western NC for the lovely barbecue pit of Florida; and, here is a hint–we are the barbecue! I will miss the hummingbirds and songbirds at the feeders. I can’t complain; I did get some “R and R”, amid the chigger bites! I am a magnet for mosquitoes and chiggers, I swear!
Here is a poem that gives you the aura of Florida in the summer. Enjoy and have a blessed day!


Plastic pink flamingos

Protect the yards

Lizards lounge

Contemplating Nietzsche

Florida sun

Frying pan on medium

Sizzling soon

Leaves dressed

In liquid garments

Of slick humidity

Humans dart

In and out

Savoring indoor

Ice cream air

Slight breeze

Stirs the dankness

Locals linger

On the Avenue


Snowbird summer secession

From Delray’s shores