I was waiting for my flu shot Friday afternoon, and whiled away a couple of minutes looking at a local rag in the reception room. An article caught my eye about color.

Actually, color fascinates me. I have seen my closet go through many decades. There were pastels in my youth. Paisley prints in the late 60’s, early 70’s, with cotton Indian tops and jeans. I was amazed in my early 30’s how many rose prints I owned (I still love that stuff!). It wasn’t until my 40’s that I entered my “purple period”. I still am there, although I wear a lot of green and love yellows, even some shades of orange are infiltrating the wardrobe!

Gazing at purple makes me feel fabulous. It quickens my heart and stimulates me, really!

So, what is this leading too? Look around your home and see what colors draw you. What colors in nature call your name?

It seems that color affects us in many ways–physically, mentally, and emotionally. My favorite color combinations are yellow and Hydrangea blue (really a purple blue), and yellow and purple. It turns out that both yellow and purple encourage creativity, and creative thoughts!

I need a room with a Hydrangea blue wall, and the rest of the walls yellow! I think I could write there!

Here are some links to color quizzes for you:

Since I’m on the subject of wardrobe, again! (I told you I was obsessive!). Here is a poem about recreating yourself through your closet!


How did I get to be “normal”
I spent my life being a square peg
Shy, then outrageous, or funny

I never wanted to go along for the ride
Always the individual
The rebel, resisting the status quo

I was a little late for Vietnam
Or I told myself, I would have protested
I was the flower child, moccasins and all

The 9 to 5 grind, and the pressures of
The working world have molded me
Rounding my prickly edges, somewhat

I have sensible clothes, tailored and proper
For work and the occasional event
Mainly, I have sturdy jeans and tees

I’m starting a renaissance of myself
Beginning with my closet
I am exorcising dull and boring
(Goodbye brown, hello purple!)

I’ve got my “cool” back
It was just misplaced, not forgotten
I may be a funky aging (?) hippie, but I have style
I love being this quietly outrageous person
One must be true to one’s own self
This I accept, and applaud, loudly

Don’t be a cookie cutter image of anyone
Find your true colors
And step into the unique garment of yourself!

Pets As Family

As I write today, I am not alone, I am kept company with our wonderful Belgian Shepherd, Magnolia. She is always following and watching, a true shepherd.

I never understood why people treated animals as their children, or as family, until I had my first dog. I had enjoyed the company of cats for years, and I always thought they were good companions. Dogs are just more connected to you, they demand that you interact with them, and your lives become entwined.

A pet is a friend who will never desert you. They are faithful to the end, always giving you unconditional love. Seldom do we find as true a friend.

Here is a poem for my Magnolia, my Maggie.


I feel her watchful eye upon me
Always keeping track, following
Wherever I go

Fleet of foot
Playful and spirited
Her dog smile lingers

Sometimes we play chase
Other times we cuddle
Trusting eyes gaze into mine
Filled with love
What bliss!

Traveling at the Speed of Now

I am settling in after my latest out-of-town adventure. Fortunately, I have a three-day weekend, this week.

Friday was a catch-up day for my correspondence (at least most of it!), yesterday was house cleaning-yuck. Over the years, this has never become more endearing to my heart–go figure!

I showered and changed clothes after I was finished cleaning. Having nothing pressing to do, I decided to sit on the white wicker settee in the bay window of my living room. Sunshine was pouring in the window after a gloomy morning, and I leafed through a plant catalog where I had, some time ago, earmarked a few pages.

Low and behold, I caught myself dozing, then gave into the sensation. I cannot tell you when I have felt this calm and quiet–it has been a while. May be that second (tiny) cup of coffee has been the culprit in the last couple of months; my sleep schedule has been very disrupted. I have been careful not to have caffeine in the afternoon; I have been deluding myself about that quarter cup of coffee (really, that is all it is!).

Today’s photo is of my friend, Renee from South Florida. She is a yoga instructor, and is the most enlightened person I have ever known. I always felt calmer in her presence.
I was planning to use Renee’s photo in my book Water Running Downhill!, for the following poem. Unfortunately, every time I convert her photos to black and white I have issues. It is her lovely white hair. I have trouble with black and white photos when I am using a subject with black or white. Admittedly, this needs work.

Here is the poem!


While sequestered as a willing tenant in
Your self-made prison of busyness
Dream of ways you can be free

To give yourself the gift of
A precious few moments, no distractions
Lock out your outer “life” and meditate

Find that it is almost a new experience, as
You may have forgotten the sensation
Of pure awareness, and nothing else

So used to being the “amazing balancing act”
You have found it hard to stop doing and planning
And just become still

Discover that one can see so much clearer
When traveling at
The speed of now


I guess I was born a worrywart. At any rate I tend to ruminate, which means dwelling on a situation and obsessing on it. Supposedly one can turn off the worrying by distracting himself. Humor tends to help, so I will try reading a joke when worrying gets me.
I was flying back from a family reunion today and I was cloud-gazing, watching lovely air-puffed sculptures floating in the stratosphere. It was a fantasy landscape, and as I drank in the beauty, I was struck by the irony of this cloud-cover. On the flip side of ethereal ice crystals would be gray skies; probably rain, also.
Here I was on the sunny side, lucky me! Underneath this layer were earth bound ant size (or smaller) humans, scurrying hither and yon, braving the precipitation and wishing for clear skies.
The realization was that life is like this. Storm clouds and economic woes threaten, all nature of unexpected things may befall us, but this is the human experience.
But, like the clouds and rain, blue skies would eventually show themselves again. Likewise, we will get through the tough times and we will survive!
Remember that we are responsible for our responses and attitudes within our situations. Please share a smile today and everyday, and spread the sunshine around! Here are some lyrics from the classic song Blue Skies. Enjoy!

Blue skies smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see
Bluebirds singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds all day long
Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When you’re in love, my how they fly
Blue days all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on