All Hallows Eve–Beware!

My Other Broom is a Car!

Actually, the car is in the shop due to mine being rear ended Tuesday evening. I’m fine–just some sore muscles, neck, back–but fine! I got a rental yesterday and am loving the freedom of driving. I wish I did have a broom, it would have come in handy!

I have a sack full of candy for the trick or treaters. I always feel a little guilty as a dental hygienist handing them potential cavities! But, the occasion is for some scary fun, and I can’t deny the kids that.

It is too bad that the full moon didn’t wait for Halloween. Its windy, and that moon would be just the finishing touch!

Here is a poem from the unpublished book Naturescapes. If I were in North Carolina, this would be what I would see.

Have a safe and scary Halloween!



Fall’s Last Stand

Late October
And its raining
Brilliant reds, golds
And Yellows
Carpet the forest floor

With winter nigh
Squirrels dash madly
Securing nuts and acorns
Storing their pirated booty
In secret woodland
Treasure troves


Magnolia and the Fall Leaves

What an awe-inspiring time of the year! I know that I am very blessed to be able to retreat to the mountains of western North Carolina and feast my eyes on the foliage.

We had a nice trip; but, busier than we anticipated being. We did remember to relax a little bit. I so miss sleeping later. I have been dragging this week, trying to get back to “normal”.

Here is a poem that I wrote for an unpublished book called Naturescapes. Enjoy and have a lovely week! Spend some time with a wonderful person–that would be you!




Its mid-October
And the mountain’s trees
Transition their
Leafy jungles
Of jeweled emerald,
Citrine and peridot
Turning timidly, at first
Then becoming
Brilliant baubles
Ablaze with color

Boldly, Mother Nature
Shows off her
Patchwork quilt
Of autumn finery
Dogwood’s garments
Will go garnet
Sumac ripens ruby red
Oaks are tiped topaz
And Maples flash
Their royal red robes

Autumn Is In The Air!

Oh Those Lovely Leaves!

They are so vivid, yet so fleeting. The foliage and the chill in the air combine to make autumn is my favorite time of year.

Later this week, I am coming up to enjoy the coolness, drink in the beauty, and relax, perchance to write. I am imagining my favorite perch on the front porch–can’t wait!

As we enter this invigorating season, let us use the gorgeous landscape to renew our creative souls. I think that it is impossible to ignore this time of heaven on earth. We need to do whatever it is we do to celebrate, be it baking, painting, writing, or giving thanks.

May fall jump start your engine’s, dahlings!