Counting Your Blessings at Harvest Time

Even though many of us do not have gardens or farms, we still celebrate the time of harvest by decorating with pumpkins, or gourds, straw bales and scarecrows.  We feel a connection from our childhood that marks this time, the time before and including Thanksgiving, and the upcoming Christmas and holiday season.

Fall harvest is a time for enjoying the fruits of our labors, and celebrating family and friends.  Often this harvest time gave farming folks some free time, as the colder weather approached some of the chores would disappear.

I remember this time as a child, with my family on our farm.  We had wonderful apples and cider, fresh grapes, and pies–oh, my!  My Mom could bake any kind of pie, and we had apple, and pumpkin this time of year.  Thanksgiving was always a bountiful celebration at my Grandparents.  Everyone brought a dish, and the food was always wonderful. 

Just as wonderful was playtime with my cousins.  There was hide and seek in the barn, and tree climbing. 

I am thankful this season for our loving family and for our friends.  May all of you be blessed with your families and  with friendship, also.   

Peace to all!


The Tale of the Bee Bees

It was one of those days,  I had slept uncomfortably last night, due to the impending to-do list in my head.

Morning arrived, I jumped in with both feet to attempt to conquer all that needed to be done. 

I was doing good!  I walked, downed a liquid breakfast drink and a few almonds.  I arrived at my mammogram a few minutes early, and was the first on the list and the first taken in.

Having survived the mammogram, I found that I had an hour before I had to be at work.  So, I took my car to be cleaned, and while waiting, went next door to the bank, made the three important phone calls, and walked across the street to the Dollar Store to get a few things.

I saw all of my patients, including one that was worked in where I made an opening by moving a couple of patients up. 

Finished!  Home I went to treat my girlfriend to soup and salad, and go in her new spa.

O.K., I’m changing my clothes to go to my friend’s house.  I am taking off the bra when I remembered. . .the bee bees.  The x-ray tech had taped them on my breasts before she took the films, one on the right and one on the left.  They had remained there all day without my noticing them, and they were taped on!

So much for being on top of things!  What is the moral of this story?  When you are in a multi-tasking frenzy, you may be missing some little detail; like a bee bee! 



Oh, and I left them on my husband’s dresser. When he gets back from NC, he will be puzzled!


I believe that there is nothing that compares with nature’s autumnal colors.  This is surely Mother Nature’s jewelry box laid open for all to admire.

We spent a week watching the colors gradually peak.  Yellow and green with spotty red and orange metamorphosis to brilliant yellow and fiery orange with radiant red.  Timing is really everything–we lucked out with our travel plans this year.

The new house is progressing.  We are in no great hurry, now.  Things just need to be done right,so time is not an issue.

Here is poem from one of my unpublished books, Naturescapes.

Contra dance
Wind exhales–
Natures collective sigh
Sun dried oak leaves
Circle and bow
Then dance their rustling
Autumn finale
Maple Leaves drop in
Showing off their fall finery
Causing a jealous stir

Happy Fall Y’all!