60 But Not Ready For Pasture, Yet!
Well, that day has finally come, I’ve arrived at the dreaded number of 60.  I don’t feel any different, yet; however, I’ve felt myself being drawn to a new phase of my life for quite a while.  
There has been a lot of musing on my part about where my life is leading, especially with being out of work for the last 6 months with 2 surgeries, and another coming up in December.  As  have mentioned, I’m entering my bionic phase!
I do believe that most things happen for a reason, so perhaps I need to be still, or quiet more often.  This is not a one of my strong points!  Do you thing that the universe is sitting on me a bit to try to make me live in the “Now”?
That is food for thought.  Meanwhile, I am able to peck away at writing and to work on my crazy photo creations.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to make a living?
I do miss seeing many of my friends.  Believe me, I do think of you all!  Peace be with you and yours and I hope we meet again! 
Have a wonderful week!  I leave you with a poem from the upcoming book; A Redhead Looks At 60.
Arise From Your Ashes

The dream is still alive and waiting

It waits for you to restore it to wholeness

And inhale life into the

Very lungs of hope, and

Deliver the kiss

To your sleeping beauty heart’s desire

The time has come to break into

The vault of your psyche and free

The urn of creativity thus turning

Life’s ashes into your personal vision

Come unearth your treasure

Stake your claim, rediscover your destiny