I have been searching for clues and information for some time, now—trying to get a handle on who I am at this point and where I am going.  Life seems to give us puzzles to solve.  Whether we realize it, or not, we are looking for answers in the everyday.
These signs are hidden in our day to day encounters, or found in something we are reading.  Perhaps, we may find hints of them with meditation, or in prayer.
Are we looking for our humanity, or trying to get in touch with our spiritual side?  Maybe we are pondering life’s mysteries as the clock ticks on.
Furthermore, are we scrutinizing our secret hearts to obtain the”key”?  When we find it, will it open the door to the next stages of our lives?  Of course, we hope it will be everything we dream it to be.
Human lives are so fragile.  All we really need are the basics, love, shelter, food, security, good health, and friends who wish us well.  Unfortunately, we forget this so easily, in the fantasies that we create or embrace.  As imperfect being we get distracted with multimedia and wanting more stuff; and I for one am guilty of the same behavior.
What do I want from the next chapter of my life?  For starters, I would like to stay more focused, to live in the now and make each day count.  I would like to be kinder and more thoughtful with my family and loved ones.  I would hope to be more generous and kind to strangers.
As we enter into the season of hope and love, we must try to stay focused and keep things simple.  It is so easy to get drawn into the crazy commercialized seasonal insanity that passes for the holiday and Christmas season.  The siren sound that merchandisers market to us with magazines and television ads that beckon to us, and we cannot get our wallets open fast enough.
I love to buy things for myself and others, unfortunately, it is addictive for me.  That is why I tend to frequent thrift stores.  But, I digress.  If you are like me, you have got to figure out a plan early, and shop early.  Then barricade yourself at home and listen to music and watch cooking shows.
This is an installment of sorts, in my pondering my life and life changes.  I hope that you got something out of my jumble of words.
Peace to you and yours!  I enclose a poem from the upcoming book: A Redhead Looks At 60.
Mind Maintenance
Can I have a little quietsy, please?
I need to hear what my body and mind
Are trying to tell me
And I can’t hear over your constant
Chatter and the hum of power tools

Just give me an hour or two of silence
Enough time for me to give myself
A brain root canal and get the sludge out
That’s slowing down my thought processes

Can I hear me now?