A poem for International Women’s Day, New Frontiers digital art and poem, by Joan Ellen Gage

I have to say that
the women I meet these days, as
peers and otherwise,
are smart and savvy.
They are really out there
breaking up the male empire
and enjoyingit.
This sisterhood of women
is such a positive force, and
whether we realize it, or
not, the truth is,
women are changing
their worlds, and
it is apparent to them.
Even if the rest of the planet cannot
see this alteration,
It does not matter. It is
our own perception that does.
Women have visualized
a new reality, and made it theirs,
they now operate within this new order.
We are cowgirls of
the new frontier,
Making and breaking up rules,
we ride bareback into
dangerous deserts, canyons,
and boardrooms,
while twirling our iPhones.
And, when we wear our silver spurs,
they haven’t got
a chance!
From the book Water Running Downhill,
by Joan Ellen Gage
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