The Fault in My Stars

The Fault in My Stars

is what? Do I have a kick me sign on my

aura, a “D” in the middle of my

forehead? WTF universe?

Is my Karma such that

from a past life that I

attract men requiring healing,

needing their broken wings

repaired? And then they wing

away, leaving me pondering.

This puzzles me so. I

lead a basically good life, I

help others. But I can’t

pick a mate who is satisfied enough

with what I have to offer.

Am I on the wrong planet–Uranus

must be where I am. Could I please be

teleported to Venus, or

hitchhike on a billionaire’s spaceship?

The fault must be in my stars. They

are misaligned, or their batteries have

burned out, I don’t know!

If anyone can spare a lucky star,

send it my way.

Joan out.


Joan Ellen Gage