Summer’s Eve

It is thundering, again–not a surprise since the humidity is ninety-something percent, a typical summer’s eve in Florida. Orlando sends her storms eastward this time of year.

My trusty Belgian Shepherd is starting to pant and worry. I leave the room and she follows me everywhere. I wish that I could calm her anxiety.

Just a few weeks ago it was bone dry. Lawns were browning up, plants were withering from the merciless southern sun. We all prayed for rain, and here it comes, again!

Still we must be grateful for the bounty of rain, whenever we can get it. We must save it up for the dry times that will surely come again.

Liken these showers to prayers that are answered in your life. Embrace them for what they promise–growth and abundance. Feel the promise of the rain. Hold this thought for a moment and know that you are blessed.

2 thoughts on “Summer’s Eve

  1. Joan,I know what you mean about it being dry then the heavens just turn upside down with buckets of rain. I'm not fussing, we need the rain badly on our gardens. I don't like the storms that come with the summer rains in the evenings many times. I like the photo of your dog.


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