Radio Interview On Aging Outside the Box

If you get a chance, I am doing a radio interview with the fabulous Shirley W. Mitchell on Aging Outside the Box Radio Show. This is the “short show” post:

Dec. 17, 2009… 6PM-CST… “MidLife Motivation” with our “Guest” Joan Ellen Gage, Author of “Water Running Downhill! – Words of Empowerment for Women in Midlife” on “Aging Outside the Box®” Syndicated Radio Show with National Author/Writer/Syndicated Columnist/Speaker and Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host, Shirley W. Mitchell, as they discuss “MidLife Motivation” with… Poetry and Humor for Inspiration, Water Running Downhill and Words of Empowerment. Join us “LIVE on AIR” every Thursday Night at 2PM-HIST, 3PM-AKST, 4PM-PST, 5PM-MST, 6PM-CST, 7PM-EST and 8PM-AST on the LA Talk Radio Network. Listen in LIVE! Listen to the Archive!



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