Spring has arrived; at least it has in Florida! The weather was spectacular, today! High pressure is keeping us sunny, although the wind is blowing pretty heartily.
Oak leaves and pollen are showering us constantly. You get out the blower and clean it up, a few hours later it looks like you have done nothing!
We have been working on cleaning up the yard; actually Rob has been doing all of the hard part. Since he’s retired, he has taken over most of that activity. He has been removing some of the dead plants and tops of plants that suffered during the freezing winter weather. I did some planting this afternoon, a little weeding, and cleaned up the dirt and those dratted oak leaves!
Along with the season of spring comes a need to open up and air out the house. I have been doing some spring cleaning for the past couple of weekends; reorganizing closets and donating some things. I have a long way to go! But, I am making headway.
There is something wonderful about clearing out clutter. Apparently it makes us feel lighter in spirit, also. As if the mental clutter goes out with the clothes and shoes, etc. Plus you get a good feeling when you donate items that can help others.
I challenge you to consider starting a similar project, this week, to see how it makes you feel. Let me know how it went!
Here is a spring poem from my unpublished book, Naturescapes. Have a bountiful week!



Spring Forth

Brilliant multi-hued
Easter egg shades
Illuminate and complete
The transformation
From stark winter-bare
To the richly adorned
Newly verdant landscape

Spring awakens and
Brings forth
Sleepy bulbs from
Their cozy winter beds
Nodding and stretching
They unfold their
Many colored heads

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