The "B" Word

My Other Car!

Why is it that women get labeled as bitches when we are successful, driven, competent, talented, upwardly mobile, etc., etc.? Men call us that, and we call other women that “B” word.

Perhaps it is jealousy, or fear that causes the outburst. I have been known to drop the word (silently, or to friends) when I have experienced, well, bitchiness!

I do think there are bitchy men out there as well as women. I’m sure you may agree with this!

I’m thinking that it is time to re-label the word–make it more of a power word than an unflattering one. Lets make a statement. Like Lady Gaga says “I’m a free bitch, baby!”

Here is a poem for the occasion!

The “B” Word

An unkind word, perhaps
Evolving into new meaning
Representing a strong, resistant woman
Confidant and unshakable, someone who
Might make you uncomfortable and resort
To name-calling to stem the underlying
Emotion evoked from the mega-feminine
Persona in control
Causing the word “bitch”
To fall from
Taut lips

Have a wonderful, powerful week!



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