All Hallows Eve–Beware!

My Other Broom is a Car!

Actually, the car is in the shop due to mine being rear ended Tuesday evening. I’m fine–just some sore muscles, neck, back–but fine! I got a rental yesterday and am loving the freedom of driving. I wish I did have a broom, it would have come in handy!

I have a sack full of candy for the trick or treaters. I always feel a little guilty as a dental hygienist handing them potential cavities! But, the occasion is for some scary fun, and I can’t deny the kids that.

It is too bad that the full moon didn’t wait for Halloween. Its windy, and that moon would be just the finishing touch!

Here is a poem from the unpublished book Naturescapes. If I were in North Carolina, this would be what I would see.

Have a safe and scary Halloween!



Fall’s Last Stand

Late October
And its raining
Brilliant reds, golds
And Yellows
Carpet the forest floor

With winter nigh
Squirrels dash madly
Securing nuts and acorns
Storing their pirated booty
In secret woodland
Treasure troves

3 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve–Beware!

  1. Joan Ellen,I'm so sorry about the car accident. I sure hope you are doing well. I liked the poem very much. Your photo flying on the broom was really neat. I hope you had a great Halloween, and will have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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