Striving to be Fearless!

Me without my makeup!

Hello Friends!

I cannot believe that it is February, already! But what a winter it has been! I can’t complain, as I’ve been cocooned in Florida for most of it.

Today I want to write about being fearless. Why is that, you ask? Well. probably because I am such a big chicken! Seriously, I have anxiety issues, and I’m basically shy, so it can be difficult to get out of the rut and step out of my comfort zone. In fact, I have to dare myself to do things, like publish a book. How did I do this? I told a couple hundred people about the book. I knew that I would be embarrassed, and often, if I did not publish it. It worked! I got my fraidy-cat self out from under the bed and self-published.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of my fearfulness problem. So here I am dealing with the same issues as I was four or five years ago. I am telling all of you out in the blogisphere so that you can help to guilt-trip me!

I like these quotes from Terri Trespicio, from January/February’s Whole Living Magazine: “The path to fearless living goes straight through the roadblocks, not around them”, and “Creativity goes beyond sheer artistry: it takes courage to express your ideas.” This is good stuff. I think I should post them where I can see them every day, and drill them into my lizard brain.

If anyone has any ideas on transitioning from chicken heart to dragon, please offer your suggestions!

Meanwhile, here is a poem from the up and coming Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader!, my future book! I know, I know!

Peace to you all!

The Libra

Here I am
Straddling my life’s stream
One foot in the “now”
Deeply planted in necessity
One or two toes of the other
Foot have strayed into the unknown–
The unmodeled clay of dreams
Where ideas are scattered about
Like amorphous clouds–almost
Becoming concrete, palpable
Close to conception
Egg of idea and sperm of intention
On the point of action
Nearly communicate, consummate–still
A breath away, a gossamer veil
Of steel separates these parts that
Must be made whole

Determination drives me
I am purpose, hurtling toward
My goal, shape-shifting until
I become the key
Unlocking the possibilities
Arriving at my future

3 thoughts on “Striving to be Fearless!

  1. Hi Joan, tell the fraidy cat to make a list of her fears. Write them all down and then go back and look at each and ask yourself,\”if the worst happens, who will care in ten years?\” Take every opportunity you have to express your creativity and to share it. There will always be those who disdain it, and there will be those who embrace it. Forget the first and appreciate the latter.


  2. Joan Ellen,I think we all at times get shy and need a little boost. \”Just do it,\” as they say. Take every opportunity to express your creativity as Glenda Beall said in her comment. Her advice is real good for us shy writers.By the way, I sure enjoyed your poetry book. It was great.


  3. I'm about as shy as they get, so I'm very proud of you. That's one of the reasons I'm having trouble finishing my book, among other things.Glenda and Brenda have both given excellent advice, so go for it. Someone told me that you have to have a thick skin to blog. So now you're prepared for the next step.Sam


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