Spring Again!

Robins waiting for a bath!

It is spring in central Florida. Actually, it has been for two or three weeks, that is how long the Robins have been here. We have hundreds of them in the neighborhood, and frequently tens of them waiting in non- ending rows for a turn at the birdbath.

I like Robins. They are very beneficial birds, as they eat bugs. Robins are regal and very shy.

Along with the migrating birds, we have a return of pollen, ah-choo! I’ve had to break out the antihistamines, oh well!

It is getting to be time for a spring cleaning of our homes, and the clutter in our heads. I seem to have accumulated more than usual! I think I’ll pop open my ear, and let the brain air out!

But, seriously, if one declutters their home, their life can feel much “lighter”. According to an article I recently read from Whole Living Magazine, Susanna Sonnenberg sites excerpts from the book Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston.

Sonnenberg quotes Kingston saying: “clutter drags your energy down, and the longer you keep it, the more it will affect you. Sonnenberg decluttered her home with the criteria that you ask four questions when considering keeping something. Kingston’s questions were: 1) “Do you like it?, 2) Do you love it?, 3) Do you need it?, 4) Does it bring you peace and easy energy or uneasy trouble”?

Does this pique your interest? Certainly, I have an abundance of “stuff”. I love clothes and even though I have spent some time clearing some of them out, I still have more than I need.

What I’m going to start with, though, is paperwork. I have a pile of paperwork that “a show horse couldn’t jump over”–a quote from my husband from some unknown source! I’ll let you know how the process is going over the next few months.

Meanwhile, back to that spring thing! Embrace it! Grab some sunshine and stop and smell the flowers.

Peace to you!


Robin redbreast
Stately hops with
Eyes intent, focused
Moving with purpose
Snatches the green beetle
“Gulp”she swallows her prize

One thought on “Spring Again!

  1. Joan Ellen,I enjoyed your poem about the robins very much. The photo is pretty, too. How wonderful to see spring bursting forth from the earth. I'm ready for it. I also need to do spring cleaning. I'll get around to that soon.


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