Oh Hail!

What A Hail Storm!

We had quite a blow this afternoon, complete with golf ball size hail! You could hear it hammering against the front windows and the garage door. Nothing seems to be broken; there is just a lot of debris everywhere.

I was reading my friend’s blogs on blogger, thinking, I really should write something, but what? Then bam, the hail introduced itself–quite timely, I thought!

I spent about an hour cleaning some of the mess up. It served to get me outside and moving; that was good! The dog finally quit hiding and joined me.

It is amazing how nature can get your attention when you least expect it. The good part of this was, it served to remind me of how lucky I was to have avoided a worse tragedy.

I have not been counting my blessings every day, so this was a good reminder.

Blessings to all of you!


2 thoughts on “Oh Hail!

  1. Oh, Joan Ellen, we had a horrible storm last week, too. I'm just so glad we made it through. Looks like you had a bad storm, too. I'm glad today is pretty and hope we don't get any more of those bad storms this spring.Have a great weekend.


  2. This is the time for storms, it seems, but this weekend it seems mother nature was most angry.So many people fell victims to tornadoes in OK and AL and NC. We were lucky.


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