I believe that there is nothing that compares with nature’s autumnal colors.  This is surely Mother Nature’s jewelry box laid open for all to admire.

We spent a week watching the colors gradually peak.  Yellow and green with spotty red and orange metamorphosis to brilliant yellow and fiery orange with radiant red.  Timing is really everything–we lucked out with our travel plans this year.

The new house is progressing.  We are in no great hurry, now.  Things just need to be done right,so time is not an issue.

Here is poem from one of my unpublished books, Naturescapes.

Contra dance
Wind exhales–
Natures collective sigh
Sun dried oak leaves
Circle and bow
Then dance their rustling
Autumn finale
Maple Leaves drop in
Showing off their fall finery
Causing a jealous stir

Happy Fall Y’all!


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