Congratulations Elyssa and Brian!

Congratulations to my lovely niece and her outstanding husband on their marriage, today!  Please enjoy this poem in tribute to their love!
She: Euro-american worldly/shy, brilliant crepe suzette
He: Midwestern quiet, self-assured, intelligent  American apple pie
They meet and over time observe each other–trying one another on for size
Questions flickering in their eyes
Something sparked, tiny yet surprisingly piquant
Then, necessity/graduation separates them
And shifts them into different worlds
Over phone lines, via satellite the spark glows becoming brighter
Hours and days transpire love kindles becoming viral, blazing, scintillating
Home at last reunited on American soil
Fingers brush, lips touch, souls meld
Love is now concrete, tangible
Communication one on one without the
Invisibility of bits and bytes
They are simpatico
 Today promises will be pledged
Lives will be woven together
As a chorus of joy resounds emanating
From their souls and filling the chapel
Bonding family and friends
As vows are spoken/sung
And all are lifted up with this outpouring
From Elyssa Joy and Brian Jeffrey
And through the grace of GOD
They are wed;
Please welcome Mr and Mrs. Brian Hamm
July 21, 2012
Joan Ellen Gage

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