Winter 2014
Welcome Friends!

Here we are again at the start of a new year. As we look ahead and wonder where 2014 will take us, we should take a personal inventory and remind ourselves of our inner goals.
As my journey into midlife has now stretched into my 60’s, I often reach out to other women in conversations regarding our experiences and expectations.  I find it wonderful to be in the camaraderie of women “of a certain age”.  We have much to teach each other.
Interestingly, I find that for me, personally, just talking about what I am going through and bouncing these roadblocks and annoyances off of friends is cathartic.  I do some of my best problem solving when I am telling a good friend about events in my life.  I don’t think that is unusual, but normal for womankind.  Somehow just verbalizing in this kind of situation, is enough to get the ball rolling toward a solution.
This past year has been a strange one for me.  I’ve been in a kind of limbo, as I have had surgeries, and have not worked.  I don’t like not having an income.  Earning a wage is a wonderful thing. Women often feel that if they are not one of the “bread winners” in the household, that they do not have equal power in some decisions.  Having one’s own money definitely lends itself to more freedoms.
So it’s a bit of a low ego/esteem problem at times.  As long as I can contribute in other ways to the household, that helps a lot.  Whether or now I return to work remains to be seen for a few months.
One of my goals this year is to lose a few pounds, (now there’s a New Year’s resolution that you never hear-hah!) so as of tomorrow, I am planning on restricting my diet for a while.  Additionally, I am going to get back at the writing.  I have a book that needs completing.
What I would really like to do is to get done with physical therapy and develop a schedule where I can find quiet time, meditate, and do the aforementioned writing, etc.
This year I want us all to believe in ourselves, give each of us the love and consideration that we all need, and resolve to keep joy in our hearts.  Remember that we are worth this and more!
Blessings and Happy New Year!  Here is a poem for us for New Years.


I stood under the mistletoe

Alone, contemplating, nostalgic for

That romance we expect, that is deserved

And we know we are entitled to

At least that’s what we’ve been

Brought up to believe

And then it struck me

Is not the greatest love the love that we

Feel in our hearts for ourselves?

That accepting, self-forgiving love

We all deserve from within

Take a moment to feel that

To drink it in; it is not vanity

It is the knowledge that

We are safe, and that we trust

Ourselves to lead us to joy

Hold that in your heart

And never let it go

Welcome your new year

Be loved, be yourself


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