The Fault in My Stars

The Fault in My Stars

is what? Do I have a kick me sign on my

aura, a “D” in the middle of my

forehead? WTF universe?

Is my Karma such that

from a past life that I

attract men requiring healing,

needing their broken wings

repaired? And then they wing

away, leaving me pondering.

This puzzles me so. I

lead a basically good life, I

help others. But I can’t

pick a mate who is satisfied enough

with what I have to offer.

Am I on the wrong planet–Uranus

must be where I am. Could I please be

teleported to Venus, or

hitchhike on a billionaire’s spaceship?

The fault must be in my stars. They

are misaligned, or their batteries have

burned out, I don’t know!

If anyone can spare a lucky star,

send it my way.

Joan out.


Joan Ellen Gage


Granddaughter Number One With Green Apple Cone!

It has been a whirlwind lately! We spent time with wonderful grandchildren, and with the above Miss Twisty Cone in particular. She was visiting us from the Seattle area.
During the course of the visit, Grandpa would frequently dangle the possibility of getting ice cream from the Twisty Cone. This did not happen, until. . .
We took this grandchild to the airport to head back last evening. As we were checking in we were made aware of a problem with the flight coming in from Atlanta. It was to be delayed for an hour and 3/4, and the connection would not be met. It was a dilemma that was solved by rescheduling the flight to early this morning.
Our Granddaughter was not happy! She was ready to go home to her Mom and friends, why did this have to happen, etc. As we were leaving the airport parking lot, I had a epiphany–it was Karma who was delaying us, and Karma wanted us to have a Twisty Cone!
We had a good laugh at this, returned home and feasted on pizza. Then we merrily drove to Twisty Cone, had ice cream (even the dog), and satisfied Karma.
Granddaughter got her flight this morning and arrived in Seattle this afternoon. We will miss her, but all is well! Are you happy now, Karma!

Have a playful week!