The Art of Patience

Welcome Friends!

This truly is my Achilles heel–lack of patience! Usually I do well, throughout the day. I work with dental patients, and exercise great patience with them. Unfortunately, I tend to tire from a long day, or week of this. So, it is my private life that tends to suffer from occasional bouts of impatience. I need to learn to develop my “patience muscle”!

Here are some ideas that will help all of us to practice greater patience. First from M.J. Ryan, author of The Power of Patience (article from Womans Day 4/1/05):

1) Take 10 minutes each day to take care of our needs, and set priorities for the day.
2) Keep a pebble in your pocket and switch it to the other pocket when you are losing it!
3) Give yourself all the time you need to accomplish something–no stopwatch!
4) Snack healthy, sleep more, have less caffeine.
5) Note and compliment patience in others.

Destina Moga of, offers a meditation exercise for patience.
1. Find a quiet spot.
2. Sit down. Get comfortable.
3. Close your eyes.
4. Clear your mind.
5. Say to yourself, “I have an ocean of infinite patience that trickles in all
of my relationships and daily actions.”
6. Repeat this phrase until you begin to feel like you are creating a space
for infinite patience in your inner dialogue.
7. End the exercise by saying to yourself, “My work is done now.
Thank you. Peace.”
8. Practicing this exercise daily will bring patience into your life.
9. In time of impatience, say to yourself, “I have an ocean of infinite patience”

Lastly Jeanne Zornes from, suggests we:
1) Laugh off Murphy’s Law
2) Lower our expectations, look for excellence instead of perfection
3) Allow others to fail you–don’t expect perfection from others, be gracious
4) Pray or meditate instead of fretting

These all seem to be great fodder for the impatience monster. I am willing to practice these suggestions. Hopefully, I will subdue the critter!

Here are some quotes:

Patience is the companion of wisdom.

–Saint Augustine

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself.

–St. Francis de Sales

Patience and fortitude conquer all things.

–Benjamin Franklin

Have a peaceful and patient week!