Dancing Forth!

Good Day to All!

I do feel that there is a spring awakening afoot in my writer’s soul. Do you feel it too? It is similar to the feeling that I get in the new year, the one that makes us write resolutions.

It is high time for me to get out there. I get so wrapped up in the day to day mundane of working, cooking, laundry, cleaning–yuck! None of that inspires me!

Last week, I went to Coffee with the Poets, in Hayesville, North Carolina. They had several wonderful poets who read. The featured writer was a witty young 87 years old, a Mrs. Dorothy Spiegel.

This is for the poets:

I could feel them in the room, today

Spirits free and laughing

Unfettered by their particular ages

All of them appeared to me

As young women (and a couple of young men)

And they danced, they danced

Let us all have the courage to take a chance and dance!

Just take that first step!

Enjoy the day!


2 thoughts on “Dancing Forth!

  1. Lucky you having a day of snow. In FloridaLand we don\’t. All though we are enjoying a long spring. Dance, a good idea, gives freedom of the Spirit! So everybody take a few precious minutes and DANCE! Enjoy, Laugh and get Breathless with Joy.


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