Have you found your joy?

In this age of running around trying to keep our heads above water, have we given any thought to creating joy in our lives? Yes, it sounds like a luxury; but, maybe it should be a necessity?

First we have to figure out what joy means to us, personally. So, make a list. Include some very simple ideas, like being still and listening to bird song, or immersing oneself in music and a cup of tea.

If we give ourselves a few minutes of joyful time, we could appreciate the little things and learn to make more time for them. Joy will begat joy!

Here is a poem I wrote from Water Running Downhill! Peace out!



I send this message
Out to you
Grasp it
Let it define you
Live it
Take it to heart

The revelation is that
This is the moment
The present, and
Nothing else exists
Be here
Seize the “now”

Be your bliss
And therefore
You shall be

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