Good Day to All!

What does that phrase mean to you? Obviously, it is a wish for the good will of others, that they may have a pleasant day. But, do we put any effort into that ourselves?

We probably do not expend much time designing a amenable day or give a thought to doing that. Consider the possibility that this design is possible.

Spend a few minutes before bedtime to lay out a tentative plan for the next day. Organize what you will need to do, including what you will be wearing, and pack a lunch or some snacks.

Leave yourself a little buffer time during the day to stretch, meditate, or call a friend. Say something unexpectedly nice to others, and for yourself.

If we give ourselves time to be in the “now” and not obsess about what is going to happen, we can reduce stress. Here are five principles for appreciating your life from inspirational speaker, Mike Robbins:

1) Be grateful–focus on your blessings

2) Choose positive thoughts and feelings

3) Use positive words

4) Acknowledge others

5) Appreciate yourself***(we really need to do this!)

Take some baby steps towards enjoying your life!

Here is another poem from my book, Water Running Downhill!


Meditate on this
If you do not make an effort
To live in the moment
You will not truly

To always plan
For “Tomorrow Land”
Ignoring the boring minutia
You will never exist
In today

To chase after
What may be
One loses
The ability
To be

Go get-um ladies! Remember, women rule!

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