Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a wonderful time to acknowledge our mothers, our surrogate mothers, mentors, and the mother within us all! Today we should celebrate women and their role in keeping mankind alive. I really believe that is something that we are hard-wired to do–protect the species! So far we have done it, although it gets harder all of the time.

I want to pay my respects to my wonderful mother. She loved us and tried to do the right thing by us. We did not have much; but, we always had clothing, food, shelter, and love.

My mother is and always has been beautiful to me. She has a generous nature and a fun-loving side that sometimes gets a little silly–(I definitely fall into that category also!).

On this day and every day, I wish for happiness for my mom. May she continue to see beauty in nature, and love in others.

Here is a poem for women to honor all of us today. It will be featured in my next book, which is called Waiting for the Rest of your Life.


In decades past and present

It has been made known to women

That it is a man’s world

Men still rule in some dark areas

Of the world, often by force

The victims of violence

Are most often women and children

Statistics document this truth

Fear can be a powerful weapon

But it is a weapon of cowardice

Women are amazing beings

Inch by inch we have made progress

We have been fighting battles with

Our bodies and with our intellect

Women will not give up, or give in

We have come too far for that

Together, all women weave the

Fabric that supports all of mankind

Come share the power

Of sisterhood, of womenhood

Reach out to others and

Hold them up, so they will not fall

There is strength in our numbers

And we will carry on cum forte

Bless us every one!


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  1. Thanks Joan Ellen for inspiring me to think and share. Love is a unstoppable force… much more powerful than fear and brute strength. May all our hearts open and our love pour out to those who need to be healed by love. For there are only two behaviors… Loving acts and Acts that are requests for love. It\’s so easy to forget that people who use any kind of brute force to control, and often hurt others are hhurting real BIG inside their hearts and they need our love to create a crack in their armor. May Mother\’s Day be a reminder of this. And may those of us who know what I\’ve said is true open our hearts and Love, Love, Love. What the world needs now IS Love, Sweet Love. The good news is while it\’s a precious resource, it cannot be used up! There\’s an abundance of it so pass it on!The Energizer Bonnie


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