Song of Summer

How lovely it is here after arriving from steaming Central Florida. It is a blessing to enjoy the gentle breezes and listen to the birdsong. Amen.
I neglected to write for a week due to out-of-town company; but, ahh!, the joy of grandchildren. It was worth the precarious balancing of work and housekeeping and pleasure.
Here is a little poem that I wrote yesterday AM from my front porch.

Song of Summer
Sing to me that sweet song of summer
The gentle rhythm of branches conducting soft breezes
Stirring cool air with fragrant Sour wood blossoms
Punctuated with bursts of birdsong
Rising above the steady hubbub of bumble and honeybees
Trees offer up a standing ovation
Have a peaceful day!

2 thoughts on “Song of Summer

  1. Joan Ellen,This is a beautiful poem about summer. I'm glad you're back in the mountains and will enjoy your time here. Thank you very much for asking about my book at Phillips & Lloyd. I'll get a book to them today. Have a great 4th!


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