Hello Friends!

I have returned to my computer, hooray! It is tough just having dial-up on “vacation”. With the 4th of July library closings, and the budget cuts I did not get to the write, or check email. Today I was back at my day job, and things should start to return to “normal”. Between working, taking two trips to NC within two months, and having company–whew; I had lost the “go”! button.
So, we left the more temperate climate of Western NC for the lovely barbecue pit of Florida; and, here is a hint–we are the barbecue! I will miss the hummingbirds and songbirds at the feeders. I can’t complain; I did get some “R and R”, amid the chigger bites! I am a magnet for mosquitoes and chiggers, I swear!
Here is a poem that gives you the aura of Florida in the summer. Enjoy and have a blessed day!


Plastic pink flamingos

Protect the yards

Lizards lounge

Contemplating Nietzsche

Florida sun

Frying pan on medium

Sizzling soon

Leaves dressed

In liquid garments

Of slick humidity

Humans dart

In and out

Savoring indoor

Ice cream air

Slight breeze

Stirs the dankness

Locals linger

On the Avenue


Snowbird summer secession

From Delray’s shores

2 thoughts on “"NORMAL"? AT LAST!

  1. Joan Ellen,Sorry we didn't get to see you while you were in NC. We had a good turn out today at \”Coffee with the Poets.\” Sounds as if it's really hot in Florida. We got a lot of rain last night and it's nice and cool today. Have a good time in FL and hope we'll get to see you when you come back to NC.


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