The Macaroni and Cheese Debate

My husband, Rob, and I have a running debate about a variety of topics. These typically involve food, how to do something, or grammar. One of my favorite debates is the Macaroni and Cheese one.
Let me ask you, is macaroni and cheese a main dish or a side dish? I asked several dental patients this question some time ago. They were split on the subject; although, the majority said: “main dish”.
Apparently the use of the dish would vary due to your family’s eating habits and possibly where you grew up. As Rob is from “the south”, he was raised on fried fish, okra, and a whole lot of beans and rice. My Yankee roots had the dish as a main one. It could always be improved on with chunks of ham–umm!
To me, mac and cheese is pure comfort food. Thick, rich cheese sauce covering pasta, filling the void in my stomach, that is luxury on a budget! You can trim off the fatty with skim milk and 2% cheese and top with Parmesan. You can hardly tell the difference. Well, not much.
Stay tuned for the venetian blind debate to be aired in the future. I welcome your comments!

By y’all!


One thought on “The Macaroni and Cheese Debate

  1. Joan Ellen,My brother-in-law absolutely loves Mac & Cheese. He could eat it almost everyday. I like it sometimes. I think it's a main dish, but could be wrong. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, the red house was my childhood home. I have a lot of wonderful memories growing up there. Have a great weekend.


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