The Sisterhood of Womenkind

Here in the middle of my life, I am taking inroads discover who I am, where I am going, and who I want to be when I grow up. I had spent so much of my adult life working for a living, and making a home for family, that I had neglected my spirit. I just kept going and doing like a mad women, until I approached the age of 50. “I’ll take time to be creative when I’m not as busy”, I told myself.

Suddenly I became aware that this promised time was drifting out of my reach. It was up to me to just stand still and take stock. I began to realize that I needed to make the time, now. The house might not get cleaned as often, and short cuts would rule for dinner (most of the time); it was time for me to meet some other needs.

I thank my friends, and the many kind ears of my dental hygiene patients over the years. All of them listened and encouraged me. I came to a realization that women truly are a sisterhood. We relate to common experiences, and share our wisdom.

Women are built tough. We have to be, we are the steel hand in the velvet glove. We ensure the survival of the species, or at least we have until now.

Here is a poem that speaks to all women.


One Tribe

Have you felt

With passing years

A more pressing need

To connect with other women

To share observations

And Laughter

To offer advice

Or garner wisdom?

Do you feel drawn

As if by a magnetic force

To be with your own kind?

For these women are a tribe

Your tribe

No one else will ever

Understand your struggle

As they will

Women are our people

When we come together

We feel a oneness

A sisterhood united

When we come together

We are at home

2 thoughts on “The Sisterhood of Womenkind

  1. Joan Ellen,I like this poem very much. It speaks to my heart, mind, and soul. My mother, sister and I are very close. I recall I was very close to my aunts–Aunt Mary Lou and Aunt Oma, when they were alive. The sisterhood of women is a gift.Thank you for visiting my blog.


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