Growing Up and Moving Forward

It occurs to me that growing up is an ongoing process. Just physically becoming an adult does not achieve this. Growth happens in stages, often precipitated by a stressful event, such as a divorce, or even the death of a loved one.

These passages bring us to different levels of growth. They teach us to deal with life’s stressors, both major and minor, and to move forward.

Throughout much of our lives, friends, or mother and father figures (who need not necessarily be our true parents), help us to get through these trying times. For myself, this has been mainly my peer group of staunch supporters–yes, you guessed it–women!

We are blessed with the caring hearts of womankind, who are hard-wired for this sort of thing. Compassion is a wonderful thing. May we all nurture kindness, and share an abundance of this. Pass it on!

Let us honor Glenda Beall’s husband Barry. May he dance in heaven, and tell Glenda about it!

This is a poem from an unpublished anthology of mine. I think it is appropriate for Barry.


Give me you hand
Let us traverse this land

Give me your head
Upon a pillow, in our bed

Give me your love
Custom fitted, like a glove

Give me your body
For pleasure, almost godly

Give me your heart
‘Til death, when we must part

Then give me your tears
For memories held dear

And let furl your soul
From mine- no longer whole

2 thoughts on “Growing Up and Moving Forward

  1. Joan, what a lovely poem and thank you so much for this post. Indeed, we continue to grow and mature all our lives. I remember thinking I had grown up, finally, when my mother died. But little did I know how much more I had to learn. Being home now without my life mate is strange and I find myself seeking my friends online for comfort since I'd normally go to him for my comfort and he isn't here. I can write when I'd rather not talk.


  2. Joan,This is a beautiful and touching poem. Thank you for sharing this with us.Yes, we do go through stages of \”growing up\” through our experiences. Sometimes these times are painful, but are learning experiences that make us stronger and wiser persons. When we experience these things, we can help others who are going through difficult times, also. Compassion. Yes, that the key–compassion for other human beings.


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