A Touch of Kindness

These days, as I am chatting with my patients and friends, the conversation always turns to the economy. But, we always agree that we have nothing to complain about, as we view other’s situations in this wide world–we are really blessed!

Today, as I picked teeth and talked my patient’s ear off a little, the conversation again turned to counting our blessings. When we compare our experiences to other’s lives, we always seem to be amazed at how lucky we have been with our own.

Over twenty years ago, a friend of mine who had recently married became an instant parent of her younger brothers. Her parents were traveling to Gulf Shores, engaging in an exercise they called “switching drivers while driving”. My friend’s 18 year old brother had been in training for this practice, and lost control of the car, killing himself, his parents, and the family cat. The two brothers and a friend had been in the back of the van survived.

Sometime after that, I was visiting this friend in her home in Ocala. On her refrigerator was a quote that said: “Be kind. Remember that everyone is fighting a battle”.

This quote said so much. Here my friend had her life turned upside down, but, took it in stride. At least it appeared that she had–she put up a brave front.

I would like to remind all of us that we need to be kind to others. One never knows what is really happening behind the scenes of another’s life. Indeed, we may need that kindness repaid one day!

Pass it on!

Ciao y’all


5 thoughts on “A Touch of Kindness

  1. Joan,Thank you for this encouraging posting. Yes, we all need to remember to be kind to others because we never know what people are going through in these tough economic times. Have a great weekend.


  2. I agree that we should all respect others needs in todays world and all the time because any of us could be needing kindness or help in some way before we know it. What a sad story about the parents and brother being killed in the car crash. I believe in saying I love you to those we love and do it now. Tomorrow may be too late. And I find that Thank You is the key that opens many doors in life. It doesn't take but a second to say or write and it means so much.


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