The Chocolate Cheesecake Affair

We were in Pensacola, Florida last week visiting family. While we were there, we dined on wonderful southern fried shrimp (Oh My!), hush puppies and cheese grits. All in all we had fried shrimp three times last week, so I had planned to go back to my regular diet. Thus said, my friend Dani decided to tempt me with her wonderful chocolate raspberry cheesecake.
Monday arrived; I had consumed my usual work week lunch of flat bread with hummus and baby greens, a banana, and one Dove chocolate. Dani had wanted me to stop by on the way home from work, to visit (and get cheesecake, of course!). Unfortunately, one of Dani’s dogs ate a toy and had thrown up all over the living room. This was not an atmosphere to eat cheesecake, so I drove home.
Later that evening, Dani’s son Travis arrived at the door with a plate with two slices of cheesecake. Since we had burgers that evening (although I had no bun and low-fat mayo), we declined to eat the dessert that evening. We really were full!
On Tuesday, I found that I had time to come home for lunch. After the delicious hummus sandwich–yum! I decided to forgo the banana and devoured the cheesecake.
This was no ordinary cheesecake! It was loaded with dark chocolate, had an Oreo cookie crust, and a raspberry finish! Hubby came in and I remarked on the wonderful dish. “Have it for dessert”, I said, as I left to go back to work.
I came home Tuesday evening and the cheesecake was still there! I had entertained a secret thought all afternoon, if the dessert was there that night, I would have the second piece.
In my defense, cheesecake is not my husband’s favourite dish; nor is it usually mine. Also, he does not love chocolate like I do, he only likes it. I have a much more intimate relationship with chocolate, especially the dark kind.
We had dinner, my husband went out for the evening, and I ate the cheesecake. This time I savoured it slowly. It was exquisite, really!
Wednesday arrived. I was at my office, when my husband came up to the front desk where I was working on the computer. He had just had a dental appointment with my dentist boss. “There has been someone in the house”, he announced to all. “What do you mean?” I questioned. “Who was in the house?”, I asked anxiously. “Well!”, he said, “someone came in the house and ate my cheesecake. I know that my wife would never do that, so it had to be an intruder!”.
The whole staff had a good laugh at this. “But, you don’t even like cheesecake, or chocolate that much”, I countered. “You should have eaten it for lunch, as I had suggested.” Of course this did not convince him, and he continued to tease me unmercifully.
Dani, if you read this, add your recipe to the comment area. I know everyone will want it now!
Everyone, please post your chocolate comments!
Here is a poem that I wrote in honor of the special relationship I have with dark chocolate.

Have a delicious day!


The Chocolate Rebellion

It had started innocently enough
And certainly there had always been
A life-long love affair with chocolate
Beginning with those childhood
Tollhouse semi-sweet morsels

But, somehow the stresses of midlife
The added tension, the impatience
All became sharpened, intensified
And work began to interfere with living
Or with the desire to live freely
And to direct one’s lifestyle
No longer wanting to exist
Under the supervision of others
Either at work, or anywhere else

Chocolate became one mode of therapy
Along with the occasional glass of wine
And the wonderful ear of a girlfriend
Who really understood and encouraged
Piloting those flights of fancy
Or feelings of self-actualization

The chocolate punctuated the stolen moment
Of pleasure, hidden from disapproval
Or the look that delivered the guilt arrow
Into the heart, to curb the habit and to stop
The creeping weight gains of menopause

Nothing seemed to help that, really
Not the exercise or the fiber in the healthy diet
Still the menopot stayed on, languished there
Silently mouthing “feed me” and the thing was fed
The dark chocolate
And the feeding became a rebellion
Validating and fortifying the power of dreams

Chocolate savored in secret trysts
Chocolate, the friend, the confidant, the co-conspirator
Chocolate, the inspiration and the reward
And the rebellion continued . . .
Won’t you join the movement?

4 thoughts on “The Chocolate Cheesecake Affair

  1. Joan,That chocolate cheesecake sounds \”heavenly.\” I just love cheesecake and I also love chocolate. Your poem is great and describes exactly the way I feel about this wonderful food. As they say, \”Chocolate is a girl's best friend!\”Have a great weekend.


  2. Joan,Thanks for visiting my blog. A Full Strawberry Moon comes in June. The Native Americans named the moons for each month that they appeared. This month, August, was called \”Full Green Corn Moon\” by the Cherokee Indians.Have a great weekend.


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