Autumn’s Last Stand

The leaves were slow to turn this season. They looked pretty and promising when we arrived mid-October. But, they were teasing us; nah, nah , nah , nah, na! They tried to hold out; the temperature dropped–so did they, and the rain stripped them of their false coats.
Behold! The peak was upon us. We left a day later than planned; we did come here to enjoy them!
Grasp that last branch of autumn that reaches out to you. Breathe in that crisp air–deeply! Enjoy!

Today I witnessed from

Car window and porch chair

Leaves turning slowing on branched spits

Not quite ready, starting to crisp

Greens warming to yellow and gold embers

Orange popping out like glowing coals

The scarlet of Sourwood bursting into full flame–

Trying to show them all up

Together they compliment one another

A gourmet blend

A visionary feast for the soul

Joan Ellen Gage


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