The Emperess’s New Clothes

I’m having a bit of fun today. I am writing about one of my favorite past times–shopping! I usually do a lot of research, i.e. looking, before I buy. I am often surprised at what I find at local thrift shops! Some of the loot is shown above.

Here is a little poem I wrote as a tribute to thrift stores. By the way, a schmata is the Yiddish word for rag.


The Emperess’s New Schmatas

I am therefore, I shop!
But, being monetarily challenged
I turn to consignment shops
And thrift stores, often
Did you know that they specialize
In pre-shrunk clothes?
You never have to worry about whether
They will shrink
The only concern is that
Your body will expand into another size
As it has done for me
Drat that middle age thing!

Menopot, menopot
Curse the girth that adds a lot
Onto a waist line, with our dismay
Go away and stay away!

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