"Gilding or Re-building" the Lily?

How lovely these Amaryllis are, proudly holding up their heads. They are like young women, adorned with colorful garments.
I love being the age I am; I do not like the aging part. These days I am spending more time “gilding” the lily. Just holding those wilting “petals” up requires a good diet with supplements, enough sleep (this is often lacking!), lots of exercise, investing in some good skin-care products, and lastly, make-up.
I was very fortunate in my youth, as I had good skin. I tried makeup, however, it just melted off in the Florida heat. So, I rarely used any powder or liquid makeup. I think that alone was an important factor in the clarity of my skin.
Now, past mid-fifty, I am applying makeup more and more often. The complexion seems a bit blotchy no matter what I do. Also, since I wear a mask when I work, this doesn’t help. Masks create heat and, yes, I am always sweating!
Reconciling oneself to their aging profile is not easy. These things do happen slowly, and that helps. But, self-esteem is sometimes compromised, as we feel good when we know we look good. Maybe I have to give up magnifying mirrors? They are so NOT our friends!
I guess the face-lift and/or other surgery (AKA “re-building the lily”) is a possibility. I think I am too much of a coward to go through with that; knives scare me! Furthermore, I’m not sure I can afford these procedures. Perhaps a laser peel? Hmmmm.
Unfortunately, society is not kind to the aging woman. Men are allowed to age “gracefully”, their graying hair is “sexy”etc, etc. Women are reduced to hags. It’s the American way, and it is a crock!
Let’s band together and give each other the support we need to just love our aging selves. We are beautiful, through and through–we should know this!
Here is a poem from the upcoming book, which I tentatively renamed Embracing Your Inner Hippie! Have an outstanding week!

Fountain of Spoof

First come the little
“Smile” lines by the eyes
After a while, lines deepen
And are followed by brow-furrows
Complemented with “marionette” lines
On each side of the mouth
[I swear that is what those “in the know”
Are calling them!]

Our first defense consists of lotions
And creams that we literally slather
On our skin; most of these products
Don’t do much, or live up to our expectations
I personally will attest to this
Still, I continue to try the latest and greatest
(Within budget) hoping for a mini-miracle or
At least some hint of positive progress

I guess I’ll settle for maintenance
i.e try to stay where I’m at
Rather than trying to reverse the
Hands of time on the “wrinkle clock”
We certainly need to smile more
Nothing looks better on us!
Let’s work on keeping our chins up
Even if we have to pull ’em up and tie them there!

One thought on “"Gilding or Re-building" the Lily?

  1. Joan Ellen,The photo of the Amaryllis is lovely. I know what you mean about those little laugh lines. It does slip up with us with age. We just have to keep on keeping on. I'm working on high maintance, too. It's just one of those things. Great posting.


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