Replenishing The Soul With Nature

I have just returned from a respite in western North Carolina. What a literal breath of fresh air! The weather was perfect, albeit cold a couple of mornings.
Every morning, with the exception of one rainy one, my trusty Shepherd and I trudged up the hill to the top of the mountain. I have nicknamed this climb the “stair-stepper”, as it definitely gives one that workout!
I loved the quiet moments that were spent admiring the newly green leaves and the blossoming shrubs. A particular favorite time of mine was spent languishing on the front porch and listening to the birds trilling. Is there anything more lovely than this?
There is nothing like a bit of nature to replenish the noise weary soul. I feel that I have aired out all my brain’s winter cobwebs; although there are some new spring ones starting!
This week, try to take a few minutes every day to reconnect with nature. Try a stroll or walk, or just sit and look at some greenery to soften your eyes to the living world. Oh, yes, and remember to breathe!

April 2010

Spring Again
Colors reload
Then shoot open
The vibrant newly-greened
Oaks, Dogwood, and Sourwood
Tree egos puff up their leaves
Vieing for your attention
Easily outshining the somber
Darker green of the
Mountain pines

One thought on “Replenishing The Soul With Nature

  1. I miss all the beautiful blooming trees from the north. How fortunate you had a chance to escape and see nature in spring color.


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