CREATIVE: Any place that makes you say “ooh” and “aah”–an art museum, the ballet–is a good place to get a creativity makeover. And if you feel inspired to try your hand at something creative right after your visit, go for it! (from Stop Doing Start Being, by Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant, FAMILY CIRCLE, April 2005).

If you are like me, all kinds of distractions come between you and your soul’s need for some creative time. That’s just life swallowing you whole; throwing tasks and chores at you until you yell “enough”!
We can’t have a distraction-free life. What we can do is find a little space in the “now” to get in touch with the left side of our brains.
Taking a time-out can be as simple as finding a quiet corner to deep breath and meditate. Listening to music or singing can bring out your creative soul, as well as writing, drawing, looking at art, or observing nature/gardening.
I find that color inspires emotions for me, particularly the color purple, or a melange of colors. Even vibrant greens evoke feelings of well-being and relaxation–all those spring trees do this for me!
Silence is key for concentrating on the one thing that you love to do. That is why I am typing this now. There is no one in the house at the moment, no TV, no radio. Just me and my breathing.
Julia Cameron, author of the Artist’s Way books says that “unleashing your inner artist . . . can allow passion and growth to become a part of your everyday life. People . . . eat better, have vivid dreams, and get the most out of their lives” (from Your Inner Life, Keep it Creative, by Anna Davies, REDBOOK MAGAZINE December 2009).
Cameron is big on journaling. She calls the process “morning pages”, as she wants individuals to write before they get out of bed, so that you are aware of what you are thinking.
Another process involves making a date with yourself every week, to go somewhere that interests you where you have not yet been. Apparently you are naturally drawn to things that are “creativity cues”.
Thirdly, Cameron recommends walking alone in your neighborhood and observing the world around you. This will connect all three processes together. Interesting. . .
I did read the The Artist’s Way A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, several years ago. I found it stimulating. I am just not very good at following other people’s advice; although I usually take from a book or speaker a component that I will modify and use as my own.
This week, try to take a little time to do that thing that you love to do! Do not think of it as selfish time, think of it as “self” time. Remember this: we cannot grow in a stagnant medium. We must be immersed in the flow of life!
Enjoy your week!
Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s in the world! May you be blessed!



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