Oh Where, Oh Where Have My Little Files Gone!

The Author Treading Water!

You are not going to believe this–I have no computer files, no photos, no email addresses, saved emails, documents, etc., etc.! Scary, huh?
My wonderful husband did a complete backup to an external hard drive. Then the hard drive was wiped clean, as there was a DLL(?) file that was corrupt–per Microsoft help. All this to install Windows 7.
Now all my husbands files are restored. We can’t find mine. This is an item to be addressed this week with “help” from the external hard drive manufacturer, and probably Microsoft.
Why I had not saved important documents to disc, I cannot say. I thought that backing up the files to the external hard drive meant backing them all up! In my defense, I had backed up my current manuscript in January 2010. I had backed up all of my photos; but, only to last October.
I have lost Christmas NC photos, photos of my little Granddaughter celebrating Christmas with us, and her 4th birthday party photos (I can get a copy from my Stepdaughter-whew!)
I lost a photo shoot for my book cover. I have a copy of an email of the final (tentative) product which I sent to a friend. I’m not sure I can recover it and use it.
Anyway! No use crying over disappeared files! I have recovered most of my good nature–really, I am trying! I will try to salvage what I can; I have not drowned in the sea of hopelessness, yet!
The lesson here is put your files on something where you will not lose them!!!!!!!! I cannot emphasize that enough!
Meanwhile, have a pleasant week. May all your problems be small ones!



3 thoughts on “Oh Where, Oh Where Have My Little Files Gone!

  1. This has happened to me a few times. Oh well tis lost. Yes I mourn the lost files but when my house burned down I learned a valuable lesson. No loss of life (human or animal) no one injured that's what is important. You may morn loss of pictures or written word you must have priorities. The house was gone but that was a structure and what was in it stuff….. We rebuilt and moved on. Many times things are lost to posterity as they may be important to you, they just are things. We must move on and remember in our hearts what we had.


  2. Joan,My heart goes out to you as I would be devastated if I lost some of the photos of Barry but thankfully I have saved most of them on a device. But I was upset when my email address was stolen and all my files there were gone along with my address book.I hope someone can help you retrieve your stuff.We all know that any problem we have can be made insignificant compared with someones' worse problem, but still it is upsetting to us.I'm glad you still have your good humor. That is a great asset.


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