New House Site in NC

Magnolia Approving Her New House Site

Finally, we are getting to the business of making a home in NC. This is such a lovely site; I can imagine myself writing on the porch when it is completed.

The construction will take a while, and the move won’t be for a while. All these things will become more concrete as the house takes shape.

I treated myself to some quiet time with nature this morning. It was cool enough to sit on the porch and listen to the wind blow. There is nothing like communing with the great outdoors to stimulate creativity. May we all have time for ourselves like this.

May your day be blessed!



Ode to Dog II

Quiet companion
Almond eyes filled with canine wisdom
Peer into my soul

Content to be nearby
I rise, she follows
“Where are you going?”

Heart entwined with mine
Live long dog friend
Stay with me, always

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