Happy 10th Birthday, Magnolia!

What can I say about one of the greatest loves of my life?  For starters, I did not want another dog, not yet.
We had lost our Belgian Shepherd, Nikki, to canine bloat on Memorial Day, 2004.  I wasn’t ready for another dog.  My husband insisted, and contracted with a bleeder near Jacksonville, Florida.
Maggie was born on January 20, 2005; she was tagged as purple girl, which is my favorite color!  She was two months when we got her, and it was love at first sight!
My husband named her Magnolia, with the agreement we would call her Maggie.  Her full name is Bilgay’s Legacy Magnolia.  We agreed that we would not show her, and we were not allowed, by contract, to breed her.
Our Maggie is a very intelligent, sensitive, loving, funny dog.  She always wants to be with her family, and sulks when she sees one of us is going out without her.  It is easier to travel at the speed of now, to be in the present, with my dog.
Some of Maggie’s nicknames are Smudgie, Stinkletoes, Stinklepuss, The Love Dog, Wolfie, etc.  Mostly we call her by her name.
Maggie is my constant companion.  I am blessed to have her in my life, and I can state that she has brought, and continues to bring me great joy.  Today is her tenth birthday, which makes her 64 years in people years, according to my husband.  May Maggie live long and prosper!

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New House Site in NC

Magnolia Approving Her New House Site

Finally, we are getting to the business of making a home in NC. This is such a lovely site; I can imagine myself writing on the porch when it is completed.

The construction will take a while, and the move won’t be for a while. All these things will become more concrete as the house takes shape.

I treated myself to some quiet time with nature this morning. It was cool enough to sit on the porch and listen to the wind blow. There is nothing like communing with the great outdoors to stimulate creativity. May we all have time for ourselves like this.

May your day be blessed!



Ode to Dog II

Quiet companion
Almond eyes filled with canine wisdom
Peer into my soul

Content to be nearby
I rise, she follows
“Where are you going?”

Heart entwined with mine
Live long dog friend
Stay with me, always


Pets, how we love them. They are forgiving, constantly giving us love and affection in turn. Here is the lovely Magnolia with my friend Ruriko. This dog will snuggle forever, as long as you snuggle her!
Domestic pets give us more than love. Animals also help us to have lower blood pressure and enable greater healing for patients who have had heart attacks.
Studies show that pet owners have less depression, greater self-esteem, and more social contacts. Apparently, the dog or cat can act as a social catalyst between the owner and another person. Furthermore, pet owners report being happier and having a lower stress response, which lowers blood pressure.
I know that my sweet dog makes my life happier. She is playful and joyful. I am more present when we are sharing a moment.
Here are some quotes:
An animals eyes has the power to speak a great language–Martin Buber
We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals–Immanuel Kant
My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet–Edith Wharton
A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution–Hazel Nicholson
Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes–Theophile Gautier
Dogs are not our whole lives–but they make our lives whole–Roger Caras

Have a marvelous week!