Happy Spring! Please View April’s Guest Anne L. Holmes–Boomer Extraordinaire!, at the joan-zone

Please visit the joan-zone to read all about my special guest for April, Anne L. Holmes.  This woman really has it “going on”!
Well, spring is officially here!  It has been an abnormally warm winter and so everything started blooming and pollinating early–sniffle, sniffle, hack, hack.  However, all the foliage is so lovely!  
I recuperated in North Carolina for over two weeks with my broken finger and saw spring arrive and suit up.  It was so hard to leave the mountains in all their glory and return to Florida.  
But, that is life, as they say.  My work is here, for now, and with the economy the way it is it is difficult to find work in my field.
So, I have to try to “live in the now”–my biggest problem, and suck it up!
Blessings to all of you!