Well, you have to admit, it has it’s possibilities!  Although, flesh can be more becoming.  
I have gone under the “knife”, and have an improved shoulder.  Now, I have to behave for a few weeks–drat!  Oh, and then we’ll do the other shoulder!
Honestly, it’s for the best.  I can’t keep trying to do “normal” stuff with a torn rotator cuff.  
But, I can use the left arm, and my right fingers–somewhat at first, then there will be improvement week by week.  I just want to do things for myself.  No stubbornness there!
Just so you know, I concocted this blog post pre-surgery.  I thought it would be fun to make bionic “me”.
Blessings to all of my friends!  Time will pass quickly and I’ll be back to “normal?”, soon.
Loving the Stranger Within

So how do I come to accept and love

This somewhat changed  and

Rearranged self?

First, I have to spend some one on one time

With me and myself

Get to know the old/new girl

Learn what inspires her

Secondly, I must exercise self-love

No matter what—

It is still my body, my flesh

This is how I look and it’s fine

Good Morning!  Hope this finds you all well.  I have been doing enough “whining” lately.  So I am getting back to my role as your mid-life cheerleader, I thought that I would share some of my poetry from my eBook, Stranger in a Strange Skin.  
Have a wonderful and a blessed day!  Don’t forget to “root” for yourself!
A Woman for All Ages
Here is a shock for you
Not all of us are moms who have led a full live
And done it all, or executives
Who have crashed the glass ceiling,
Left, and found their “true calling”
Some of us have just been
Trying to make a living as worker bees
Who buried any creative or other need
For self-expression under a load
Of work and life
It happens and time passes
I swallowed the work ethic myth hook, line and sinker
I was the “perfect” employee—hard working
Taking a personal interest in my job
My Mary Poppins’ era; But, it left nothing for me
50 opened up my eyes
I still work hard, but now I work for me
First and foremost, I take care of myself
And my responsibilities to family
Then I take a little time for me
As time passes, we need to deal with
And understand what lessons each decade teaches us
Hopefully we learn and embrace the wisdom
From our experiences, in turn
These life lessons flesh out who
We are becoming and who we grow to be
We are unfinished works of art
The book not yet completed
The half-carved sculpture
To be unveiled by the universe
And not at a time of our choosing
So let the journey unfold
And may your story be told

New eBook , Stranger In A Strange Skin

Hello! Yes, I am actually writing on my blog! The reason being, I have a new eBook that was published this week. The link is:

This is a free eBook, which actually is a something of a marketing device. Stranger In A Strange Skin, contains some new material, excerpts from Water Running Downhill!, and excerpts from my next book Empowering Your Inner Cheerleader!

I realize that eBooks are not books in print, although they can be. I am expecting the next book, Empowering Your Inner Cheerleader! to be both.

I also have a new blogger site,the Joan-Zone. With this site, I am planning to host someone, starting with every month, who strives to help women in some great or small way. So please let me know if anyone you know fits the bill!

The house in North Carolina should be finished at the end of the year. We should be moving up sometime in late winter, early spring, I think! I am excited and terrified at the same time!

Let me know if you know a dentist in western N.C. who needs a part-time dental hygienist!

Blessings to you and yours!