Uncurl from your Ball–digital art, by Joan Ellen Gage

STRANGER IN A STRANGE SKIN: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/95140
©All creative works by Joan Ellen Gage are her exclusive property, and Joan maintains the legal rights to them.

For Valentine’s Day–Give your heart the love it deserves!

Rock the beat, and give your heart some tender loving care! Here is a link for a 5 minute meditation to open your heart from Louise Hay:


Have a wonderful Valentine’s “week!” Take a little time daily to love and treat yourself, you deserve it!



STRANGER IN A STRANGE SKIN: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/95140
©All creative works by Joan Ellen Gage are her exclusive property, and Joan maintains the legal rights to them.

Happy Halloween from your personal cheerleader!


STRANGER IN A STRANGE SKIN: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/95140
©All creative works by Joan Ellen Gage are her exclusive property, and Joan maintains the legal rights to them.

Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader!

Hello readers!  Yes, I am finally writing my blog and it’s about time.  The occasion is the launch of my latest book, Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader.  I am so excited!

 I had epiphany at 50, realizing that it was not the end of the world—but I could see it from there.  This smack on the head by the menopause fairy motivated me to write Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader (EYIC) and a previous book on the same eye-opening midlife topic ,Water Running Downhill! Words of Empowerment for Women in Midlife

Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader reveals the feelings of change and empowerment that accompany entering that 40-60 something rite of passage for women.  EYICcontains poetry as “messages” written with a delightful sense of humor.  Some of the themes that this book speaks to include: discovering your creativity, exploring who we really are, the strength of women, quality of life, growing up—again!, gratitude, and dealing with the physical part of aging.  These messages strive to engage the reader, encouraging the emergence of their own “inner” cheerleaders!  You go girls! 
Here is a poem from the new book:

A Ms- sed Opportunity

Time to grab on to
The time that you
Have left
Reach for your treasure
With heart and soul
Your quest!
Life may have left you
Lonely and hurt
Get tough!
No one to blame for
Lost horizons
Recover your self
Tempus fugit
Be whole!
Live in the now
Your soul!
Time’s missed moments
Are meaningless
Move on!
Your stars shine brightly
Go on, capture
Your crown!
The universe offers us
Abundant gifts
Begin with love
Never be
The same!

Blessings to you!

Here are some links for the book:

Welcome May’s Guest Jan Lundy, on the Joan-Zone!

Speaker, Author, Mentor, and Spiritual Retreat Facilitator
Greetings and felicitations to all of my friends!  This month please visit the joan-zone and read about my guest, Jan Lundy.  Jan is multi-talented and a wonderful resource for women of all ages.
Please stop by the “zone” and get Jan’s links, including a video blesssing that Jan has given us the link to.

Februay Ramblings and New Guest Interview on The Joan-Zone!

Carolyn Flannery–See Our Guest Interview On The Joan-Zone! 

Greetings!  It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  My husband has been in NC, and Maggie and I are holding down the fort in Florida.  
Since I rarely sleep well when Rob is out of town, I’ve been a little sleep deprived.  As a result of this, I found myself brushing with the dog’s toothbrush the other night.  This was followed by much rinsing with Listerine!  Supposedly dog’s mouths are cleaner than humans and it was Maggies’ brush, after all, so it wasn’t really freaky.

The days have come and gone alternating with work, dog love, and some great girlfriend fun.  I had a visit last weekend from one of my “girl gang” from South Florida.  We had a nice visit, lunch out, followed by a little shopping.

Yesterday I experienced a hematoma in my right foot while I was bathing.  Apparently from the anti-inflammatory medication I’ve been taken and the hot bath water.  So, I am forced to goof off in my recliner with my faithful dog companion!  I guess I can suck it up!

Have a wonderful week!


Welcome Linda C. Robinson to the joan-zone!


Happy New Year Friends!

Let’s hope that this year is a better one economically for all.  May we help each other in small ways whenever we can.

December was a whirlwind, actually that started after Thanksgiving and continued until after New Years’.  But, everything got done with the exception of some pumpkin bread that was baked yesterday and distributed today.  Better late than never!  Now it’s New Year’s bread!

If you have a chance, please visit the new blog, and visit my guest Linda C. Robinson, who is a wonderful spiritual life coach for women.

Have a glorious week, and continue to count your blessings!




New eBook , Stranger In A Strange Skin

Hello! Yes, I am actually writing on my blog! The reason being, I have a new eBook that was published this week. The link is:


This is a free eBook, which actually is a something of a marketing device. Stranger In A Strange Skin, contains some new material, excerpts from Water Running Downhill!, and excerpts from my next book Empowering Your Inner Cheerleader!

I realize that eBooks are not books in print, although they can be. I am expecting the next book, Empowering Your Inner Cheerleader! to be both.

I also have a new blogger site,the Joan-Zone. With this site, I am planning to host someone, starting with every month, who strives to help women in some great or small way. So please let me know if anyone you know fits the bill!

The house in North Carolina should be finished at the end of the year. We should be moving up sometime in late winter, early spring, I think! I am excited and terrified at the same time!

Let me know if you know a dentist in western N.C. who needs a part-time dental hygienist!

Blessings to you and yours!