The Fountain of ‘Spoof’

Karen in the Fountain of ‘Spoof’
Blessings, everyone!  Please enjoy the poem.
Fountain of Spoof

First come the little
“Smile” lines by the eyes.
After a while, lines deepen
And are followed by brow furrows,
Complemented with “marionette” lines
On each side of the mouth.
(I swear that is what those in the know
Are calling them!)
Our first defense consists of lotions
And creams that we literally slather
On our skin; most of these products
Don’t do much, or live up to our expectations.
I personally will attest to this; however,
I continue to try the latest and greatest
Hoping for a mini-miracle or at least
Some hint of positive progress.
I guess I’ll settle for preventive maintenance
I.E. try to stay where I’m at,
Rather than trying to reverse the
Hands of time on the ‘wrinkle clock’.
We certainly need to smile more;
Nothing looks better on us.
Let’s work on keeping our chins up
Even if we have to pull ’em up and tie them there!

From the book, Water Running Downhill!
by Joan Ellen Gage 


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